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Vaportronix brings the world’s first patented, portable, universal charger to the market with the VQ Volt. Designed for use with the JUUL device, the VQ Volt uses VQ steel plates and high strength rare earth magnets, allowing the unit to be attached to any flat surface like the back of your cell phone, desk, nightstand, car dashboard, or anywhere you would want to have easy access to your JUUL branded vaporizer. Buy codeine online


  • Size: 2.1 in / 53.5 mm Wide x 2.7 in / 68.6 mm Long x 0.4 in / 10 mm Thick
  • Battery Size: 420 mAh (enough to charge your JUUL 2 times)
  • Unit Weight: 1 oz (29 g)


  • 1 VQ Volt portable charger
  • 2 VQ Steel plates
  • 1 Micro-USB Cable


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