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The Puff Krush is a pre-filled capsule used to spice up that closed-pod or disposable system you are currently using with all different kinds of flavor. Made from silicone, inside each cap are tiny balls of nicotine free juice that you put over the vaping end of your pod/system. Taking a puff, you’ll quickly notice it does not taste like the old flavor you were using before. Buy Ammo online | SIG SAUER guns for sale

Key Features

  • Material: Silicone Rubber
  • Pre-filled flavor capsule
  • Nicotine free/ no nicotine
  • 4 capsules per pack
  • ~300 Puffs per pack

How to Use

1. Insert a cap onto your salt nicotine device

2. Press the top of the cap until you hear a pop

3. Puff away

For optimal use, ensure the airway is not constricted.


Natural & Artificial Flavors


Available in 8 flavors!

Flavor Profile Guide

Cool Mint Ice Classic mint but cooler
Lush Luscious watermelon
Lush Ice Watermelon on the rocks
Lychee Ice Sweet, aromatic lychee with cool after-tones
Kiwi Strawberry Tropic kiwis with delicious strawberry
Mango Juicy mango
Peach Ice Sweet peach and breezy menthol
Sour Apple Like a tart granny smith


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