• 6% nicotine (60 mg/mL)
  • 1 mL Pre-filled Pods


  • 4 x  Pods in pack


OK prefer to puff on something that is gotten from the kind of both of the products of the soil vegetable?  This product is exactly what it is. The Mr. Fog Pods Watermelon fulfill both, on the grounds that the watermelon is to be sure both a leafy foods vegetable. Its sweet, unstable mash bestows a tasty variation of vapor that takes into account a medium-bodied profile and a rich flavor that is difficult to disregard. If you wish to experience something extraordinary then don’t look past this product. Get Rich Flavor with Watermelon Pods Are you looking for watermelon pods? Mr. Fog offers you watermelon pods for sale. The pure taste of watermelon will linger on your tongue when you take a puff on watermelon vape pods. All the products come with the best quality and ensure the best taste when you want a perfect blend of minty flavor and watermelon. The sweetness of watermelon with candy-like flavor will definitely give you a good taste at the end of the exhale. Our watermelon pods are available at affordable prices to give smokers and vapers a rich taste. This pack of four watermelon pods is easy to use and brings you the best flavor. Mr. Fog is the leading supplier of watermelon pods that takes care of your vaping needs and great taste. Just shop through us and get the authentic products in an instant. Shop online and give us a chance to serve your needs with the best pods.

WEIGHT 0.042 lbs
DIMENSIONS 1 × 1 × 0.01 in


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