• 6% nicotine (60 mg/mL)
  • 1 mL Pre-filled Pods


  • 4 x  Pods in pack


The pressure behind eating foods with a lower saturation of sugar is a very serious ordeal, and MR FOG Cotton Candy offers a very promising loophole for those with a sweet tooth. This electronic liquid blend tastes like fluffy sugar, mimicking the experience of the consumption of cotton candy itself without posing the associated risk factors that may lead to diabetes. Plus, what the manufacturer has done is given then smoker an opportunity to enjoy the flavor for longer periods because it doesn’t “just melt” in seconds as the real thing does. Now, let’s add a 6% nicotine buzz on top of that and we can reasonably infer that this concoction is making a killing. In this specific case, unlike other blends that perfectly emulate a specific fruit or candy, thus e-juice makes it an even better experience than eating the real deal. Mr  Fog Cotton Candy Pods offers a promising escape clause for those with a sweet tooth. This electronic fluid mix suggests a flavor like soft sugar, impersonating the experience of the utilization of cotton treats itself without representing the related hazard factors that may prompt diabetes. Besides, what the maker has done is allowed then smoker a chance to appreciate the flavor for longer timeframes because it doesn’t “simply dissolve” in seconds as the genuine article does. In this particular case, not at all like different mixes that superbly imitate a particular organic product or sweet, in this way e-juice makes it a far better encounter than eating the genuine article.

WEIGHT 0.042 lbs
DIMENSIONS 1 × 1 × 0.01 in


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